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Labour shortages
Exploring the causes of, and solutions to, the labour shortages emerging in key sectors of the economy.
How should social care be paid for?
The various options available to the government to fund and fix the ongoing crisis in social care.
Just transitions
Proposals for bringing about a just transition to net zero and the National Food Strategy.
Fiscal risks and net zero
Exploring the OBR's Fiscal Risks report and the potential effects of the transition to net zero on the public finances.
Industrial strategy after Brexit
Exploring the UK's proposed state-aid regime and comparing it to an emerging global consensus about industrial strategy.
A trade union renaissance?
Exploring the role trade unions can play in recovery from the pandemic
The return of inflation?
The debate over inflation and whether monetary policy needs to be tightened to pre-empt its return.
The G7 Summit
Looking at the outcomes of the G7 Summit; vaccines for the Global South, climate finance, debt relief and economic recovery.
Trade deals
Analysing recent trade deals with the European Economic Area and Australia.
Landmark report on energy
Examining the International Energy Agency's groundbreaking report calling for an end to fossil fuel production expansion
A 'careless' Queen's speech
Following the lack of announcements on adult social care and childcare in the Queen's speech, we examine the crises in care, blocks to progress and proposals for reform.
After the local elections
Curating analysis following the local elections on what new elected officials can do at the local/devolved level, class, and town-focussed Conservatism.
Local action for a new economy
Examining the action being taken at local level to build a fairer and more resilient economy.
Climate targets and Biden's summit
Recent developments in climate diplomacy, covering the UK's new emissions target, Biden's summit and climate plans, critiques and alternatives to net zero targets, and international climate justice.
Outsourcing, procurement and transparency
The media debate surrounding Greensill and longer-term issues regarding the relationship between government and the private sector.
Biden's new tax and infrastructure plans and the broader argument that a New Deal-scale paradigm shift is underway in American economic policymaking.
Post-Budget analysis
The key issues in the March Budget - including support for businesses and households, taxation and the super-deduction, fiscal stimulus and more.
Gender inequality during the pandemic
Examining gender inequality during Covid-19, covering data on wellbeing and socioeconomic inequalities, the uneven burden of care, new gender-analysis of the March Budget, care-led recovery plans and violence against women and girls (VAWG).
Strengthening the social safety net
Examining proposals for strengthening the social safety net in light of a new, cross-party commission on social security headed up by think tank Bright Blue.
Rethinking global supply chains
Bringing together evidence on the fragility, exploitation and inequality within global supply chains and examining proposals to address these issues.
The March Budget
The key debates ahead of the March Budget - including corporation tax, support for businesses and households and environmental measures.
Biden's rescue plan
US President Biden's proposed American Rescue Plan and the wider implications for macroeconomic debates.
Tax and the recovery
The role taxation could play in our recovery from coronavirus.
The Dasgupta Review of the Economics of Biodiversity
The debate around the Dasgupta Review, a landmark report on the relationship between economics and the protection of nature.
Understanding the GameStop episode
The GameStop episode, the political narratives surrounding it, and the potential fallout.
Britannia Unchained? Deregulation after Brexit
The government's approach to post-Brexit deregulation.
Macroeconomic policy in 2021
Examining developments in the debates around fiscal and monetary policy.
The third lockdown
The UK’s third lockdown and policies that might protect British households and businesses.

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