Beyond Covid
Over the last decade the world has experienced a series of profound economic problems - from the financial crash to the climate crisis, from rising inequality to the Covid-19 pandemic. Across the political spectrum many people are now arguing for economic change and reform.

Beyond Covid aims to provide an accessible resource to help navigate this debate.


Almost everyone now agrees that we should ‘build back better’ from Covid-19. But what does this really mean?

From think tank reports to government statistics, we cut through the noise to find the latest ideas and policies on how we build a better world Beyond Covid.
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Our extensive Resource Bank brings together articles, reports, analysis and proposals from a wide range of credible sources - such as think tanks, academics, international institutions and civil society organisations.
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The Webinars from our Discussion Series brings together a diverse range of leading experts to discuss key problems and their practical solutions. By highlighting the best new thinking from the UK and around the world, Beyond Covid hopes to provide a crucial resource for all those who want to help build a better future beyond the Covid crisis.
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Labour shortages
Exploring the causes of, and solutions to, the labour shortages emerging in key sectors of the economy.
How should social care be paid for?
The various options available to the government to fund and fix the ongoing crisis in social care.
Just transitions
Proposals for bringing about a just transition to net zero and the National Food Strategy.

The Discussion Series

Leading experts go deliver into the key issues around how we recover and reform
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How can our economies prioritise wellbeing?

Benedikt Árnason
Economic Advisor to the Prime Minister of Iceland
Katherine Trebeck
Andrew Simms
Co-Director, New Weather Institute


15 Dec


The pandemic has provoked unprecedented disruption within the UK labour market. Though the Government’s response in the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme has been praised, the proposed end to the scheme in October has given rise to fears of mass unemployment.

Meanwhile, the longer-term impact of coronavirus on the structure of the labour market is yet to be determined. This briefing session will unpack the policy debate around job creation and job quality as we look to rebuild the economy Beyond Covid.

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